Zoetropolis hosting bands from near and far tonight

Zoetropolis is mostly known for hosting film screenings, but every once in a while they’ll bring in a few bands to play. Tonight is one such night, filled to the brim with local and visiting talent, thanks to Animal House Productions. Fresh off the inaugural taping of Bottle Works Live, Cave Paint will be joined by the band who will be the focus of episode 2, Spherehead. Both bands have been hitting the grindstone recently, playing tons of shows and releasing new music.

Elsewhere on the card are Night Idea and The Bronzed Chorus, from Richmond, VA and Greensboro, NC, respectively. Night Idea is guided by post-rock ideals but runs the gamut within those guidelines, delivering fierce guitar lines over angular rhythms. The Bronzed Chorus is a bit of a misnomer, as they prefer to tread vocal-less. What they lack in words is more than made up for with danceable grooves and contemplative melodies. While each band has its own distinctive flavor, you can be sure that the music will flow nicely the entire evening.

Tickets are $10, unless you can produce a Zoetropolis ticket stub. In which case, the price is halved. Check out what you’ll be hearing tonight below.


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