You know you want it: Fetish Brewing Company gratifies your craft beer urge

Usually I’d be a little leery about recommending an event where the hosts state its main purpose is to “drink a bunch of beer on a sexy farm,” but, when the invitation is extended by the guys at Fetish Brewing Company, then I say go for it. Actually, I have yet to sample any offerings from Fetish Brewing Company, but I have a feeling – if the beer is anything like their Tumblr1  – you can expect something fun that combines clever ingredients to make for some tasty, and well, sexy beer.

Fetish Brewing Company is a Lancaster-based CSA-styleoperation that offers their beers to members as they are released. Up until very recently, memberships were closed, but there are actually a few memberships available3.  Just make sure to sign up to the right fetish group4. If you aren’t lucky enough to score a membership, then you can get their beers at one of 115 local establishments or attend an event like the one they are throwing on August 16.

If you don’t have already have plans for the afternoon of August 16, say around 4-8 p.m., then you do now. Head to Hopeland Farm located just north of Lititz for an afternoon of Fetish beer, food on the grill, obscure Nordic lawn games like kubb and music by Ton-Taun’s Jordan Capizzi. Tickets are free for members and are $40 for non-members. Click here for tickets.

Fetish Brewing Company cordially invites you stop doing all the other stuff you’re doing and drink beer with us on a…

Posted by Fetish Brewing Company on Friday, July 31, 2015


Keep your eye on Fetish Brewing Company for great beer and fun times. They may just become your next craft beer obsession.


1. Why the footnotes? Just click the link to the Fetish Brewing Company Tumblr. It will all make sense.

2. Crime Scene Investigation. No, wait, that’s CSI. CSA is Community Supported Agriculture. Yeah, that’s the one.

3. Email them for membership information at

4. If you are looking for a bondage group or some sort of leather and spiked heels scene, that’s cool, no judgements here, just don’t expect to get any Fetish Brewing Company beer from that group. If you want to inquire about the beer just email the Fetish guys at the above address.

5. 161,051. That’s 11 to the 5th power. Bad joke. The eleven places you can get Fetish Brewing Co. beer are: The Fridge, Pour, Crush, Hunger-N-Thirst, The Pressroom, The Belvedere, 551 West, Highland Pizzeria, Dominion Pizza, Bulls Head Public House and Brendee’s Irish Pub.

6. Including their latest batch of pumpkin beer, plus a handful of other styles and even some non-alcoholic Yuzu soda.

7. Ask the Fetish guys if you don’t know what kubb is. I have no idea. I could’ve looked it up, but I didn’t. Ok I did, but I didn’t read it. If I had to guess, I’d say it involves “players” throwing “objects” at or in “things.”

8. We love Ton-Taun. If you haven’t seen their latest videos check them out.

9. Fun times like drinking beer, “sexy” farm parties, special members-only clubs, and silly footnotes. Actually, these footnotes were a lot more fun than I remember them being in my college English classes. Though, footnotes are probably not as fun as beer. And whatever the hell kubb turns out to be.


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