'Yellow Submarine' is coming to the world of Lego

All together now! At this point in time, it would be easier to find something the Beatles’ name and visage hasn’t been stamped on. Somehow, the lovable lads from Liverpool had yet to be enshrined in Lego form, so the good folks at the Lego Company sought to change that. Coming in November, you’ll be able to purchase John, Paul, George, Ringo and the titular mustard-colored aquatic vehicle for a lowly $60.

Eagle-eyed builders might remember a few years ago when K*Nex released their own Yellow Submarine inspired set, which, though slightly ridiculous-looking at least featured some Blue Meanie mini-figs that this collection does not.


The collection was envisioned by Lego fan Kevin Szeto, who cobbled together a set from his own pieces and submitted it to Lego in the hopes of getting an official release. After garnering the necessary 10,000 votes, the yellow submarine and all four of its passengers will be making its way to store shelves just in time for the holiday season.

No word yet on if this will lead to, say, a Beatles rooftop concert set or a Beatles eating mushrooms in India set, but fans remain hopeful. Check out the technicolored hype video for the new set below.

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