With Doorstep Dairy, the Milkman Cometh (Again)

The milkman has inspired a lot of cliches in the past hundred or so years, some cheekier than others. It’s easy to forget that before commodified grocery super centers existed every dozen blocks, it was a huge hassle to get necessary goods. Enter the milkman (Again, cheeky!).

Dylan Mast and his family created Doorstep Dairy a few years ago, trading in on the old image of a milkman and making it new again, delivering coffee, fruit and other goods. Previously, Doorstep Dairy would get products from Lancaster County and deliver them as far as Berks, Chester and Lehigh counties. Today, they announced that they’d be opening up to deliveries to select areas in Lancaster County, starting in September. Those areas are highlighted here:


Doorstep Dairy partners with over a dozen farms, including local favorites like New Holland Coffee Company and Weaver’s Orchard. Take a further look at all of the products they offer for delivery here.

Related only in name, check out our interview with the Milk Carton Kids, who would probably support this type of thing.


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