Whiskey by the Glass: A look at the long-standing, underrated & under-the-radar Central PA whiskey bars

Fill ‘er up (with bourbon, Scotch and whiskey, please)


When you want to find a bar with a stellar whiskey selection, ask an expert. Better yet, ask someone who travels an average of 35,000 miles a year in their car selling whiskey and other spirits, has been in upwards of 500 different bars throughout Eastern Pennsylvania and is a self-described “Laphroaig fanatic.”

I’ve been given the enviable task of searching out notable local bars and restaurants that have their fingers on the pulse of the best bourbons, Scotches and Irish whiskeys (and the bartenders who know how to use them in craft cocktails). And I’ve enlisted the help of Ingrid Natale, division director for Southern Wine & Spirits. She’s agreed to allow me to ride along with her for a day throughout the region on a quest to find whiskey bars that are doing it right.

And while the shelves of any self-respecting drinking establishment will include bottles of Jack Daniel’s, Jameson and Jim Beam, fewer are the ones that feature the flavors of Booker’s 25th Anniversary, The Macallan 18 or Maker’s Mark 46.

Click to see our selections from each of our publishing markets – and to chime in with your own picks as well.

What bars – and bartenders – do you trust with your whiskey? Tell us below.



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