We've changed our event listings in the print publication. Here's why.

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From the editor:


If you’re a longtime reader of Fly Magazine, or if you’re especially perceptive, you might’ve noticed a change in the way we present our event listings in the magazine in our current April issue.

After years (decades, really) of listing weekly recurring events (open mics, karaoke, trivia, etc.) in one place and one-time events (live music, tap takeovers, cigar dinners, etc.) in another place, we’ve combined the listings into one big calendar.

That means the calendar listings take up about twice the space they used to in print. It also means they now appear the same way in print as they do on the website.

Why’d we make the change? Mainly to make things easier for the reader. If you’re looking to go out on Saturday, April 11, you only have to check one place to find out what’s going on that day. We’ve also removed listings that just say “live music.” Many readers told us they felt those listings were unhelpful – they wanted to know who was playing, not just that there would be music.

We think you’ll find the new listings much simpler and more useful. Let us know what you think: I’m at jed@flymagazine.net, and I’m always ready to listen.


– Jed Reinert, content editor



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Jed Reinert is the content editor of Fly After 5. His prior experiences include playing in short-lived bands, writing poetry about diners, being hit by a car while skateboarding, witnessing a casino robbery in Las Vegas, and hand-developing a vintage roll of film that turned out to contain candid photos of Adolf Hitler. His interests include craft beer, indie rock, Star Wars and eating as much food as possible.

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