Watch Usher and Nas team up in "Chains"

Usher is not known generally to flex his political muscles, but last October he did that in a big way for the Tidal-exclusive video for his song “Chains.” The video, which included mentions and video of a number of those slain in the past year to police violence like Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin and Rekia Boyd, literally forced the viewer to watch. Utilizing the camera on smart phones, the video would pause with the words “Do Not Look Away” appearing any time the viewer’s eyes darted from the screen.

Premiering this week is the standard video for the Usher/Nas team-up, and it is still plenty powerful. Opening with a disembodied voice asking “justice for all/for all?” the video then jumps to shots of Usher running from police with his hands up. The song is a huge leap for Usher, and the presence of Nas delivering a great verse strengthens the central message. Check out the video below and don’t look away.


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