Watch the trailer for 'The Ring' sequel 'Rings'

Back in 2002, American audiences were treated to arguably the first successful remake of a Japanese horror film, “The Ring.” Starring Naomi Watts, the film featured a simple but terrifying plot: watch a particular video tape, and you die in seven days with *seemingly* no way out. “The Ring” was followed up by a dismal American sequel, but the original Japanese film, “Ringu,” was followed by an American-sized six sequels, including one that served as a crossover between “The Ring” and “The Grudge.” After an 11 year hiatus, “The Ring” is back as “Rings.”

The trailer dropped today, and like a lot of sequels released a long time after the original, it’s fascinating to see the way the culture changed around the movie. For example, in the original, the main characters had to worry about watching a VHS tape that would then be literally passed around. In 2016, the power of the “Ring” tape as an online viral video lends the idea that there will be a lot more people dying in a week.

And it has to be asked: who was the jerk that re-formatted the VHS tape into an mp4 file?

Regardless, the trailer for “Rings” shows a lot more of Cronenberg-style body horror than the original and various scenes of pestilence, plane failings and of course, a familiar girl climbing out of a familiar well. “Rings” will be out just in time for Halloween on October 28. Check out the trailer below.

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