Watch the trailer for the final 'Phantasm' film

The horror genre is littered with famous monsters, from Frankenstein to Jigsaw, but what of the Tall Man? Predating (and subsequently inspiring) films like “Friday the 13th” and “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” “Phantasm” is a truly crazy film about a young boy and the terrifying mortician that wants him dead, for some reason. It’s survived through the decades mainly because of the Tall Man, played by horror-lifer Angus Scrimm. The film series made its way up to 1998 with three additional sequels, all the while being surpassed in popularity by newer, fresher villains…until now.

Filmed just before Scrimm’s death in 2015, director Don Coscarellil premiered the trailer for the fifth and final film in the series yesterday, “Phantasm: Ravager.” The film will also bring back Reggie Bannister and Michael Baldwin, also from the 1979 original.

If that wasn’t enough, famed “Star Wars” nerd J.J. Abram will soon be releasing his 4K remaster of the original film, so there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to see both the original and the final film in theater fairly close together, if you play your cards right. “Phantasm: Remastered” will be at the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville this Saturday for Art House Cinema Day, and “Phantasm: Ravager” will hit theaters briefly on October 7. Watch the trailers for both below.

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