Watch Run the Jewels and DJ Shadow perform on 'The Tonight Show'

For the past three years, Run the Jewels has been the most exciting hip-hop entity on the planet, rivaled only by top dogs Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West. But as far as entertaining live performances go, especially in a genre that doesn’t regularly churn out stage performers, Killer Mike and El-P hearken back to a time when groups like Run-DMC rapped and entertained.

As much as the late night landscape has changed, talk shows are still really not the place where musicians give their best work given how stodgy and controlled the environment is. This is not the case whenever Run the Jewels shows up. Their performance last night on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” accompanied by horn players, and DJ Shadow isn’t even their best late night performance. It doesn’t need to be.

What it does show is the ease they have with each other, and even more rare, it looks like they’re actually having fun. And to top it off, the duo gave a quick but solemn show of support for the victims of the Pulse tragedy at the end of their performance

It’s impressive how much a dancing Killer Mike will do for your day. Watch them perform “Nobody Speak” below and continue pining for #RTJ3 to come sooner.


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