Watch Nardwuar interview DJ Khaled

Beloved national treasure of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Nardwuar the Human Serviette is back. After a stroke and subsequent heart surgery, it was unknown whether the Nard would be healthy enough to continue his decades-long interview career. Combining lengthy research with an outlandish persona, Nardwuar has managed to interview everyone from Lady Gaga to Snoop Dogg to Jello Biafra (12 times!) to varying degrees of success.

Thankfully for music nerds everywhere, Nardwuar is back and kicking in a big way. DJ Khaled was at SXSW with Nas for some reason, and thankfully awarded Nardwuar this major key of an interview. As with a large percentage of musicians, Khaled keeps his guard up until Nardquar continues to gift him with Miami DJ records and family tidbits. Khaled is usually pretty good at living the gimmick, but even the best drop their guard at some point. Watch the whole video below and keep rocking in the free world. Doot doodle-loot-do…



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