Watch M83 channel his inner Teen Wolf on Jimmy Kimmel Live

M83’s newest album “Junk” was released a few weeks ago, and compared to the critical fawning that front person Anthony Gonzalez received for his last album, the sprawling “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming,” reviews haven’t been as kind.

Perhaps in trading moody synths for saxophones and Steve Vai solos, Gonzalez lost a few people that don’t like having fun as much as he does. Needless to say, after an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, the naysayers will have more fuel for the fire.

Dressed up in scarily-accurate Teen Wolf garb (Michael J. Fox as opposed to the MTV drama), Gonzalez performed “Do It, Try It” and “Go” as an online-exclusive. Unfortunately, Gonzalez didn’t ride onto the stage surfing on top of a car or make any sick dunks, so perhaps we’ll chalk this up to another loss. Watch the two performances below.




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