Watch Andrew Bird and John C. Reilly play old folk songs

A few weeks ago,┬áhyper-literate man of whimsy Andrew Bird started a music series on Facebook Live titled “Live from the Great Room.”

Songwriter Blake Mills was Bird’s first guest, and the webcast was a leisurely session of friends. Going in a different direction this week, Bird had on actor and musician John C. Reilly. For those that forever picture Reilly and imagine him as Steve Brule or Dale from “Step Brothers,” it might seem bizarre to see him sharing a couch with Andrew Bird. However, Reilly has been living a second life for years as a singer of folk and country songs, touring under the moniker “John Reilly & Friends.”

Also, he sings pirate shanties sometimes:

Bird and Reilly, along with “John Reilly and Friends” member Tom Brosseau, performed folk songs old and new, including “I’m a Stern Old Bachelor” and “Cathedrals” by the Handsome Family. To see Bird and Reilly, inexplicably clad in a cowboy hat and scarf, check out the video below.



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