Want to enjoy fall? Take a hike

Daylight might be dying out, but it seems like the workweek just keeps getting longer.

If you’re trying to shake off those deskbound blues, physical activity may help – every grocery store magazine, Buzzfeed article, and helpful but overly-concerned older neighbor knows that. What these fonts of conventional knowledge may not know is it is primo hiking season. The leaves are turning, the sun doesn’t set at five yet, and it’s just the right temperature in the evening to get along with a nice jacket and some solid boots.

Tonight, the evening of October 7, at 5:30 p.m. sharp, there’s a “Wednesday Hike for the Work Weary” courtesy of Get Outdoors PA in North Cumberland. It starts at the Kings Gap Environmental Education Center and goes out anywhere from a mile and a half to two miles. If that seems like a lot at one go, don’t get too concerned – there’ll be stops for snacks and discussion along the way. Bring some water, some reliable boots, and (if you’ve got one) a headlamp, for when the sun drops; you’ll be out til 7:30 p.m..

All that strenuous activity is bound to kick up a mighty thirst. On your way home, consider picking up a bottle of one of these pumpkin beers that don’t suck.

Looking for more to do tonight, tomorrow, or any other time? Check out flymagazine.net for all your after-5-o’clock needs. Want to tell the world what you’re doing after work? Hashtag #FlyAfter5 on Twitter or Instagram to let us know.


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