Walk Like A Zombie to Horror Night at Zoetropolis

If you see a legion of lurching zombies on Prince Street in Lancaster on Saturday evening, resist the urge to run home and hide in your basement. It’s not the zombie apocalypse or a scene from The Walking Dead come to life, it’s just the Lancaster Zombie Walk.

The organizers of the Lancaster Zombie Walk have two simple goals: A) to raise money for Lancaster’s Water Street Rescue Mission and B) to amass an army of the undead to take over downtown Lancaster.

Well, it’s all for a good cause, right?

The Lancaster International Short Film Festival, Lancaster Transplant, Reel Splatter Productions (read our feature on Mike Lombardo of Reel Splatter Productions here) and Only In Lancaster all come together for the Zombie Walk on Saturday, October 24. The event begins at 5:30 p.m. at the Lancaster Hotel Mall (across from Binn’s Park). Makeup artists are available to help the zombies put on their faces. The staggering begins at 6 p.m. The army of zombies walks through Penn Square and up to Prince Street. (Note to zombies: You’ll be passing plenty of great bars and restaurants along the way, so please refrain from eating the brains of innocent bystanders.)

Zoetropolis-Horror-Poster-inset-1015The final destination for the Zombie Walk is the Zoetropolis Art House at 315 West James Street. Zombies can purchase discounted tickets to the Lancaster International Short Film Festival’s Horror Night, which begins at 7:05 p.m. for $10, and non-walkers can get tickets for $15. (Advanced tickets can be purchased here.)

The Lancaster International Short Film Festival’s Horror Night features nine short films with a total running time of about two hours. The longest of the films is Emirate, directed by Mouayed Zabtia, with a running time of 33 minutes; the shortest is Knock, Knock…, directed by Anthony Lund, at 3 minutes. But just because these films aren’t epic in length doesn’t mean they won’t be delivering epic scares.

The films featured in the Lancaster International Film Festival – which have been selected from more than 125 submissions from all over the world  – are organized into five different categories including drama, comedy, documentary, animation and, the goriest of all categories, horror. (Check out the LISFF website for a full schedule of events) The horror portion of the festival features movies that range from tales of nightmarish hauntings to twisted mob killers (see the trailer for A Way Out below).

Grab a bucket of popcorn (or brains) and a soda and settle in for a night of frightening flicks. We give this event two detached thumbs up!

A Way Out – Trailer from Hands Off Productions on Vimeo.

Are you going to the Lancaster Zombie Walk? Take some photos and tag us on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram. Looking for more scary fun events? Check out our list of Halloween parties. Looking for more scary movies? Check out this round-up of local theaters screening horror films.


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