Wacker Brewing airs #WackerBowl via Instagram

Last night, amid Super Bowl 50’s triumphs and conspiracy, Wacker Brewing Company on Grant St. in Lancaster had its own Super Bowl. They called it #wackerbowl.

The event was documented live, not by TV or streaming services, but by Instagram.

Wacker’s business development manager/social media manager James Bollinger explained the idea and execution to Fly.

“I wanted to do something fun(ny) for the Super Bowl. We’ve got Wacker and Dutch plastic cup of beer “mascots” that I’ve used from time to time for over a year, and I wondered what I could do with them when I had the idea for the #wackerbowl, which was partly inspired by Budweiser’s Bud Bowl commercials from the early ’90s.

“From there, it was just a matter of working with what I had to create the setup for a game that played out between our flagship beers. As for the technical difficulties – it was tongue in cheek. My original plan was to mix individual pictures and short “highlight” videos that were a series of photos edited together.

“I quickly determined that the video was out, and since Instagram is predominantly a picture medium anyway, I thought it’d be funny to explain away the reason – for no reason – as being the result of video feed problems. Silly, yes, but it was fun to do and hopefully people enjoy(ed) it.”


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