Underground film festival returns to Harrisburg

It’s not all about the summer blockbusters, you know. Though we’re by no means connoisseurs on the matter, we’d likely agree with the argument that there is a difference between “movies” and “films.” Semantics? Definitely. But films just seem more artistically driven than movies that seem, well, more franchise- and money-driven.

Anyway, even though we do our best to cover the upcoming commercial movie releases in our Movies section (albeit rather irreverently at times), we enjoy also the opportunity to bring to the forefront some of the more under-the-radar film news and events that, believe or not, are very active in Central PA. (Speaking of, check out our interviews with the director and photographer of punk rock documentary Salad Days, which screened in Harrisburg earlier this year.)

This is one of those opportunities.

Nestled along with the annual Harrisburg Artsfest, which takes place this weekend, is the 17th annual Moviate Underground Film Festival. The event takes place at both the Midtown Cinema (250 Reily St., Harrisburg) and the Civic Club of Harrisburg (612 N. Front St., Harrisburg), featuring a bevy of documentaries, shorts, avant garde flicks and even some horror from around the world.

This year’s running also features appearances from filmmakers like Guy Maddin – a Canadian screenwriter and director whose works have been released on the Criterion Collection – as well as other artists like one half of art-punk band Half Japanese, David Fair, who will be screening segments of his short sitcom show, “Big Baby.” See the full lineup of screenings and events here.

No one said you had to dedicate your entire holiday weekend to yard work. Instead, carve out some time to experience the arts. If nothing else, you’ll be equipping yourself with a response to the inevitable Tuesday morning How was your Memorial Day weekend? conversation that is, dare we say it, actually interesting.


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