Train to release full-length 'Led Zeppelin II' tribute album

There are things in this world that seem to exist only to antagonize us. Hailstorms. Your local parking authority. When your one co-worker speaks only in soundboard samples (the Fly office is particularly weird).

Let’s go ahead and add another thing to that list: Train, they of the “Hey Soul Sister” and “Meet Virginia” persuasion, are releasing a dedication to Led Zeppelin’s second album. On the surface, this makes little sense. Frontman Pat Monaghan seems more likely to be singing about the hair on his untrimmed chest or how he feels like a taxi than to be wailing about lemon juice running down his leg. However, Train has performed Zeppelin covers for years now at concerts and on Howard Stern’s radio show, for some reason. I personally try to look at this news objectively. There are four things that could happen:

A. This album is garbage and Train feels bad for making it.

B. This album ends up being reasonably good, i.e. the instrumentation is exact enough and Pat Monaghan doesn’t embarrass himself vocally, but no one listens more than once.

C. The album is a smash success, leading Train to continue covering Led Zeppelin’s discography until they gradually morph into a full-fledged tribute band and abandon writing their own music.

D. The remaining members of Led Zeppelin convene in leather jackets and show up to Train’s practice space ready to rumble. They are old, obviously, but very willing to legitimately fight for their honor.

No matter which of those options comes to be, know that all proceeds go to the Family House organization, so you’re not allowed to hate or make fun of the album or else you’re an a**hole. Truly “What Is and What Never Should Be.”




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