Ton-Taun's video countdown to new album release is amazing

Photographer: Ton-Taun / Jordan Capizzi

As the month of April was winding down, Lancaster-based indie rock outfit Ton-Taun was just ramping up the promo for the band’s third and most ambitious release, You’re Not Doing it Right. On April 27 – four months in advance of the album’s scheduled August 25 release – the band posted a Super Mario Bros.-themed video for the track “Perfect.” At that time, guitarist/vocalist and founding member Jordan Capizzi had told me how he “figured out” how to recreate the 8-bit look and feel of the old Nintendo game using Photoshop, complete, no less, with custom-made characters reflecting each of the band members. And just when I thought that that process alone was mind-blowing, he followed up with his plan to release a different music video for the album’s track list – which weighs in at an aggressive 18 songs – in the coming months as a countdown to the album’s release. A tall order, indeed.

As it turns out, Capizzi kept to his word, publishing a steady stream of videos to the band’s Facebook page and YouTube channel beginning with the April 27 release of “Perfect.” The posting began with an every-other-Monday frequency, but that appears to have cooled down over the last month, likely due to the uptick in Ton-Taun’s show schedule, including spots opening for Rubblebucket, Kopecky and at this year’s Bartender’s Ball.

But in light of yesterday’s release of the video for “Small Victories” on XPN’s blog, The Key, we thought we’d take a look back at the songs videos that were released this summer (a soundtrack for while you read our profile of the band from our August issue, perhaps?) before Ton-Taun’s album release show on August 22 at the Chameleon Club.


April 27 – “Perfect”

Ton-Taun gets 8-bit-ified and storms Bowser’s castle. Extra points for the chiptune version of the melody in the outro.


May 11 – “Right Place”

A video collage of old mid-’90s family movies, spliced together with an erratic alphabet overlay and TV static.


May 25 – “Silver Linings”

The track features a guest appearance from Jake Lewis & The Clergy drummer/vocalist Kate Seifarth. The video features an animated mouth- and nose-less head with eyes that blink in time with the song and morph to feature the words “Silver Linings,” a piano keyboard that lights up with each chord being played and even the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots from the album’s cover. Trippy, in a cheeky, playful kinda way.


June 8 – “Birthday”

I tend to get minor anxiety attacks when it takes someone too long to blow out the birthday candles and the wax starts dripping into the icing. Not here, though. Watching the burn up close is somewhat hypnotizing. The track’s calm pace, with a double vocal that’s as sugary-sweet and simple as vanilla icing (again featuring Seifarth’s Feist-like vocals on the “You and I” hook), keeps the anxiety in check. And the cake makes me hungry.


August 3 – “Small Victories”

Jordan’s sister Devon Capizzi directed this. Birthday candles have been traded in for sparklers which shine as the lone light source in an otherwise pitch-black frame. Again, the video’s aesthetic matches the song’s pace perfectly. Factor in that late-summer, winding-down feeling of August, and this video is a perfect little A/V package.


Catch the You’re Not Doing it Right release show at the Chameleon Club (223 N. Water St., Lancaster) on Saturday, August 22. 7pm. $10. All ages.



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