Today in Beef: Kanye and Wiz in "When Subtweeting Goes Wrong"

In the fast-paced world we now live in, misunderstandings are dime a dozen. A singular thought typed out on a keyboard is inherently emotionless until the receiver assigns it a feeling. Though this emotional disconnect has been growing rapidly since the ascent of the internet, Twitter sped up the process immensely. Never before in the history of the human race did people have the power to view something, spend a nanosecond thinking about it and then regurgitate it for (essentially) all to see. This benefits celebrities immensely in most cases, especially since it eliminates the need for a middle man or publicist to iron out potential ridiculousness. What’s the line about “no one man should have all this power?”


Two days ago, Wiz Khalifa started not-so-subtly subtweeting Kanye West in regards to the album name change from SWISH to WAVES.


In the context of Wiz Khalifa’s Twitter account, which is usually filled with emoticons and weed reviews, this isn’t too bad. However, it reached a boiling point yesterday, when Khalifa harmlessly tweeted out:


For the layman, the “kk” Wiz was referring to was “Khalifa Kush,” the man’s own brand of weed. Truly, the tweet still doesn’t make that much sense even knowing this information. Regardless, the sleeping beast in Kanye West’s heart known as “Ego” was awakened. What follows is the complete Twitter diatribe from Kanye to Wiz. All of these tweets have since been deleted but the good folks at the r/hiphopheads subreddit had the sense to archive them. West hasn’t gone on a Twitter rant of this magnitude in years so it’s best to read the whole thing. 4AviL4wOpo1qxDJDBrW0W19wT9Sg UAkcpcB rHsKbK3 e841B46c2fzybg zHzXPTxixSbwSy lKtXg3u ScBS0Di qp8skXX 7cjLXmI eMxNKBM 0uQjCRO nbVEFAR 9bVHZX9 fueq2E9 Z30wr7g 86RpdBB zSzNhFr 9JPCYLx JpJt79I c6fZpse gYzHkQT mc8bbJt R3X9afA NnPsYUN SVFVH4d G8ALEjO WHEW. What a time to be alive, indeed. There’s a lot to parse through in these tweets. When Kanye says he “owns” Khalifa’s child, what does he mean exactly? When he says that “WAVES is actually a gospel album”…just, what? Along with revealing his own desires to be “skinny and tall,” West concedes that he’ll deal with “being the greatest artist of all time as a consolation.” Khalifa, the perpetually stoned french fry that he is, took this all in stride and offered a meager two tweet rebuttal:

West, realizing the error of his ways, deleted all of his tweets in deference to Khalifa.

  Of course, he had to get one last dig in.

Normally, this would have been the end. Errors and misunderstandings were deleted and supposed apologies were doled out. Of course, there was a missing voice in all of this. The obvious center of the Wiz and Kanye Venn diagram is Amber Rose, Kanye’s ex-girlfriend (who famously inspired most of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy) and Wiz’s ex-wife. All it took was two tweets from Rose to put the feud to bed and give Twitter its new favorite hashtag:

WHEW x2. Not really much else to say about that, huh? This is a rare case where every party in this beef is in the wrong in some respects. Khalifa subtweeting West was merely some stoned trolling, but to call him a “fool” for not knowing that “kk” is his own brand of weed is especially stupid. West obviously could have avoided sending 31 tweets, and his sins range from insulting Wiz’s musicianship and slut-shaming Rose to implying himself as the father of Wiz’s child. Interestingly, Rose, who recently repackaged herself as a sex-positive role model for women, had no problem flinging off a fairly homophobic tweet towards West.

This all wraps back around to my initial point: Twitter enables us to find and relay information at terrifying speeds and most times, that is a great thing. But look at all the havoc wrought just by a misunderstanding over initials! Look at the retweet numbers on some of Kanye’s deleted tweets-tens of thousands of people all rubbing their hands together and running to grab the popcorn. I know I was one of them. Now please, you have distracted from my creative process.


“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.”-Jaques, Act II, Scene vii. As You Like It

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