Thursday 3 on 3: A Punk Show, a Musical, & a Concert

Three picks for what to do in Central PA on Thursday, July 23.

1) Arsenic Barbecue, Subject to Change, and more at Reverb (Reading)

If you need an injection of adrenaline to round off the week with, there’s nothing like a little live punk rock. Reverb is hosting a free show with four PA-based punk bands that’s guaranteed to melt your brain (in the best possible way that could be meant.) Arsenic Barbecue, Subject to Change, Sour Milk, and Somebody’s Circus will be rocking out this evening. The doors open at 8p.m. and the concert will be held on the outdoor deck, so stay hydrated because heat stroke is, like, the opposite of punk.

2) La Cage Aux Folles Opening Night at EPAC (Ephrata)

Maybe you’re up for a different kind of show – one with some slapstick, some music, some hilarious hijinks? Check out EPAC’s opening this evening. Gay nightclub owner Georges and his longtime partner Albin are living happily in Saint Tropez – until, that is, Georges’s son Jean-Michel falls in love with Anne, the daughter of two super-conservative political activists whose party of choice is hellbent on shutting down nightclubs. Ridiculousness ensues as Georges and Albin attempt to dupe Anne’s parents into believing Georges is a respectable retired diplomat. (The musical is based off of the same French farce as Robin Williams’s “The Birdcage” was, if that sways you at all.) Tickets range from $25-32 and curtain’s up at 7:30p.m.

3) The Dustbowl Revival at the Millworks (Harrisburg)

Tonight at 10p.m., The Dustbowl Revival will be playing at the Millworks on the eve before the release of their first live album, “With a Lampshade On.” Located somewhere between hot modern swing and newborn Americana with some bluegrass thrown in there for good luck, the Dustbowl Revival brings foot-tapping songs and roaring live performances to the table. This show is free, so grab a beer and enjoy. They’ve got a live album coming out tomorrow – “With a Lampshade On” – so you could almost consider it a really radical preview.

Want more? You don’t have to wait ’til 3 p.m. to check out FLY’s live music, bar entertainment and performing arts calendars.

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