Three Ways to Spend Your Saturday: Music Edition

If you’re the kind of person who likes your music loud and your weekends full, you’re probably already looking ahead to Saturday. Over the past few years, Central PA has become home to a thriving musical scene, with a concert within reach no matter where you are… but lately, things have become a bit more interesting than your standard stand-scream-and-shout event. If you’re in the mood to groove a little differently this Saturday night, you’ve got a plethora of options. Here are your best bets.

Looking to play your heart out

Dig out your acoustic guitar or your sticker-plastered keyboard; it’s time to shine or die trying. Hit up Hanover-area hotspot The Sound Room’s open mic from 7-10p.m. From 8:15-8:45p.m., Random Orbital Echoes (a.k.a. Scott Myers) will be making his bona fide debut performance, so be sure to either stay long enough or arrive early enough to check him out. His work’s genre is succintly described on his artist’s Facebook page as “spacey ambient guitar stuff.” What could be a better counterpart to the megastorm that forecasters say will be raging in Central PA that evening? If you or someone you love is a teacup human – also known as someone not old enough to legally frequent most open mic nights in and around the area, since they’re usually held in 21+ bars and clubs – this is definitely your event. There’s no alcohol (so, adults, don’t bring any) and no age limit.

Looking to dance the night away

If you’re seeking something a little more avante-garde, a little more active, or a little more – well, indulgent… seek no further. Hit up the Rubicon in Harrisburg at 10p.m. for their collaboration with hyperdynamic duo Aortic Valve. This event is called “Crossing the Rubicon” and it’s being billed as “a night of sensory indulgence.” Part dance party, part experimental audiovisual experience, this collaboration promises to entertain one way or the other. If you’re not into the top-secret exclusive cocktail they’re dishing up for this event only, then maybe you’ll enjoy the equally exclusive menu. Above all, this three-hour no-cover event (party? show? exhibit?) promises to deliver big.

Looking to rawk

Maybe you feel like keeping it simple this weekend. Maybe you’re just looking to enjoy an evening of headbanging and barbecue. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Hit up the back patio of Reverb in Reading at 6 p.m. this weekend for a shindig celebrating the release of Wisdom in Chains’s new record. It’s all ages, though there will be booze available for those 21 and up with ID (and PBRs will be going for $2 a pop from 6-8, by the way). The celebrants Wisdom in Chains will be there playing, as well as Paid in Full, Ante Up, Dementor, and more. There’s also going to be an afterparty right there at Reverb hosted by Joey Knuckles. Tickets are $13 at the door, and they’ll be well worth it.


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Ed Hirtzel is the Summer 2016 Fly intern. She’s currently an English Honors student at Millersville University. Her hobbies include scribbling, writing both fiction and nonfiction, and compiling useless information about cryptids.

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