This Month's Cover: July 2015

ON THE COVER of our July 2015 is a beautiful sight to behold. Dessert – in all its decadent glory – now features booze – in all its decadent glory. Yes, you read that right: more and more restaurants are finding creative ways to spice up their dessert tray, from beer milkshakes to liquored up popsicles. In turn, we did a lot of taste-testing to find our favorite boozy desserts here in Central PA. Warning: Some mouth-watering is about to happen.

In addition, we tracked down Jesus Castanon – an immensely skilled cigar roller who was born in the Dominican Republic and now crafts stogies here in York. We also chatted with Lake Street Dive, the club-packing indie folk band that is due to make a return to the region this month with a free show at Lancaster’s Long’s Park.
Fly July 2015 cover - Boozy Desserts



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