This is not a drill: Drake covered Nico's version of 'These Days'

The Venn diagram representing mononymous musicians Nico and Drake finally found middle ground this morning. Drake, he who releases songs to the wind like a gentle sparrow feeding its young, dropped a cover of the Nico-by-way-of-Jackson Browne classic “These Days” along with a new song, “Controlla.”

Where “Controlla” seems to pick up where “Work,” his current Billboard smash hit with Rihanna, left off, “These Days” is like ill-advised 2 a.m. karaoke when the bar is actively trying to close. The song isn’t very good, to be honest, but it’s worth it for the slack-jawed shape your face will take while listening. What a time to be alive, indeed!

Listen to the new tracksĀ via Noisey and check out Nico and Jackson Browne’s versions of the song below.



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