This 'Grease' fan theory thread is just too much

A Reddit thread from three years ago is suddenly drawing attention back to a discussion in r/fantheories.

The “Grease” movie theory┬ástarted with an innocent photo the likes of which all internet ghouls have seen before.


Enter 132 comments circling the proof and/or absurdity of such musings. Our favorites of which include:


Which leads to

And then someone has to step in with something more realistic, and a smidge more objectifying.

And then the power of “Grease” brings Biggie back from the dead.

And then Reddit users get sidetracked/bored with “Grease,” and move onto John Carpenter’s “The Thing.” Because that’s the logical segue.

And then someone got mad and ruined it for everyone.

Ah, Reddit. Will your site ever cease to bring joy to procrastinators and shut ins alike? We hope not.

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