The Stonewall Vessels release video for 'Candle Light'

Music videos are a time-honored tradition of promotion. Even after the entire television network supposedly dedicated to the format switched to people stopping being polite and starting getting real, music videos refused to die and now enjoy a healthy half-life on the internet.

When we interviewed the Stonewall Vessels way back in March, they let it slip that the work for their new album, “Through the Weird and Wild,” was about to be underway and that the ideas were already flowing. Now, only a few months removed from that conversation, we have our first look at the album in the form of the single and video “Candle Light.” It’s musically thunderous and large, with requisite vocal freakouts from frontman Darrion Washington crescendoing near the end.

The video mixes wild live footage of the band with home videos from the band interspersed throughout. If you’ve never been to a Stonewall Vessels show (or seen the various band members down multiple beers), this is an excellent snapshot of the experience. Check the video out below.

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