The spelling bee grows up at Tellus360

When you think spelling bees, you probably recall the scent of chalk dust, the beady staring eyes of thirty terrifying gremlins students, and a lot of “can you use it in a sentence?” requests. Decades later, you can grab a good beer and experience the delicious schadenfreude of watching other people go through that same fresh hell – and for a good cause!

This Sunday, November 15, from 2-4:30 p.m., Tellus360 will be hosting their second-ever grown-up spelling bee in their upstairs lounge. As with their previous spelling bee, this will be a fundraiser for Third Point Press, Lancaster’s own online art, poetry, and short-story publication. 30 spellers will go up against Emily DeVitry, winner of the last spelling bee.

The words these intrepid participants will be asked to spell come from the national spelling bee pool, as well as vocab specifically related to Lancaster. For the spectators, it’s a recipe for delicious entertainment. Speaking of spectating, the price of admission is a minimum donation of $10 – though, of course, if you want to show your support for the arts in Lancaster, you can always give more. At last, you can finally feel vindicated from misspelling “mischievous” in the seventh grade.


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