'The Fast and the Furious' is coming back to theaters for one night

Even at nine years old, “The Fast and the Furious” was a curious beast. Here’s a film where an undercover cop and a street racer become pals through the magic of bitchin’ cars. No one, including the people involved with the film or watching the film, could have possibly imagined that we’d be staring down the barrel of ten “Fast and the Furious” movies. No one could have predicted that the last film, the insane and cartoon-y “Furious 7” would make over $1 billion at the box office. If you’re anything like me, you can find a certain charm in movies that can start monologues with “I live my life a quarter-mile at a time” completely straight-faced and then, say, drive a car pulling a gigantic safe through a small European city or drive a nice car through one skyscraper and into another.

Though it’s hard to believe, the movie that started it all is celebrating its 15th anniversary. To celebrate, Universal is bringing the film back to theaters for one night only on June 22. Below are the local theaters bringing this masterpiece back to the masses. All showings start at 7 p.m. Don’t forget to bring the family.


Regal Harrisburg Stadium 14

Regal Great Escape Harrisburg Mall 14


Regal Manor Stadium 16


R/C Reading Movies 11

Digiplex Cinema Center at Fairgrounds Square Mall


Frank Theatres Queensgate Stadium 13


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