The Districts' Braden Lawrence unleashes Haggert Mctaggert

Photographer: Casper Rudderow

For our August issue of Fly, we interviewed Districts drummer Braden Lawrence and he gave us some exclusive news: his debut album under the moniker Haggert Mctaggert is not only done, but that he would eventually just nonchalantly upload it to Bandcamp, probably by the end of July. Well, the nonchalant day has finally come (and just a few days shy of his projection) and Lawrence’s self-titled project is up on the interwebs.

Recorded in the bedroom of Keith Abrams of the Pine Barons, the album has a very warped pop sensibility, with flickers of melodies breaking through synths and low-fidelity drums. The main “single” of the album, “2ndFloorDoor,” features Philly saxman Chet Williams (of Roof Doctor and his own solo project) on the horn. With the right headphones, this is the kind of album that would be easy to live inside of for a while. Though the Districts’ OTHER side project, Straw Hats, plays live frequently, it’s doubtful at this point if Haggert Mctaggert will ever play a show. However, you can see Braden behind the drums with the Districts for both Live on Vine and the Benefit for Nepal, on August 13 and September 11, respectively. Check out the album below.


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