The Avalanches premiere Danny Brown/DOOM collab 'Frankie Sinatra'

UPDATE 6/2/16

It turns out the rumors were true. The Avalanches premiered the “Frankie Sinatra” video today, which features not only the aforementioned Danny Brown but also a short verse from DOOM, as well. The video at first shows dozens of people dancing in the streets, almost calling to mind the Dancing Plague of 1518. It’s then revealed that a mysterious paint-related virus has taken over a small community, all while the carnival sounds of “Frankie Sinatra” play overhead. In a word, it’s a trip. Check it out below.

Along with the video, The Avalanches announced that their first album in 16 years, “Wildflower,” will be out July 8. The 21-song tracklist is as follows:

01 “The Leaves Were Falling”
02 “Because I’m Me”
03 “Frankie Sinatra”
04 “Subways”
05 “Going Home”
06 “If I Was A Folkstar”
07 “Colours”
08 “Zap!”
09 “The Noisy Eater”
10 “Wildflower”
11 “Harmony”
12 “Live A Lifetime Love”
13 “Park Music”
14 “Livin’ Underwater (Is Something Wild)”
15 “The Wozard Of Iz”
16 “Over The Turnstiles”
17 “Sunshine”
18 “Light Up”
19 “Kaleidoscope Lovers”
20 “Stepkids”
21 “Saturday Night Inside Out”


In 2000, The Avalanches released their first album, “Since I Left You.” It was a joyous ode to music itself, taking samples from Blowfly to Madonna to The Duprees and creating something radically new.

And that was it.

Rumors of new music popped up from time to time with no real sign that it would actually materialize. Collaborators like Danny Brown talked about contributing to the project at various times, but even he didn’t seem to know anything about it. That might be changing this week with the release of a trailer yesterday for…something. Stylized as a film though easily might just be for new music, “Since They Left Us: What Ever Happened to The Avalanches?” shows the group seemingly in on the joke of their disappearance. Featuring appearances by rumored collaborators like the aforementioned Brown, Father John Misty and Ariel Pink, the trailer features snippets of new music, as well. A genius on the r/indieheads Subreddit filtered some of the snippets through Shazam and found that one of the songs comes up as “Frankie Sinatra,” the same song Danny Brown referenced in an interview a few years ago. If the internet is to be believed, new Avalanches music will be upon us by Friday. Stay tuned.



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