Temple of the Dog announce 25th anniversary tour, reissue

(Temple of the Dog, the ’90s supergroup containing most of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell, will be touring for their 25th anniversary. Read the news to the tune of their lone hit, “Hunger Strike.”)

I do in fact mind stealing bread
From the mouths of Temple of the Dog
So I can’t deny hyping up the fact
That they’re celebrating their 25th with a tour

It’s more than on the table
It’s really happening
And they’re coming to Philly
And at least three other places, too
No money’s on the table
They’re bringing Chris Cornell, too

I’m buying tickets (to Temple of the Dog)
I’m getting tickets (to Temple of the Dog)

The Dog don’t mind not inviting Eddie Vedder
He’s busy with Pearl Jam
They’ll celebrate that deluxe double-disc reissue
With or without him

(Insert incomprehensible yelps from Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder about tickets for the November 11 Tower Theater date going on sale on July 29.)

And it’s their first tour, yeah
They’re going to get cooking
And they’re farming from their only album
Everyone loves “Hunger Strike”
And their mouths are singing

Temple of the Dog Tour Dates:
11/04 Philadelphia, PA – Tower Theatre
11/07 New York, NY – Madison Square Garden
11/11 San Francisco, CA – The Forum
11/20 Seattle, WA – The Paramount Theater


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