TellusJokes returns to play The Worst Bar Game

TellusJokes returns tonight, November 19, with Rubi Nicholas hosting an extra-special edition of the stand up series. It’s a double header: Noah Gardenswartz – you may recognize him as a finalist from “Last Comic Standing” – will be performing, as well as Philly circuit regular and 2014 “Philly’s Phunniest” winner, Matt McCusker.

That’s not all, though. Nicholas, Gardenswartz, and McCusker will be joined by Alex Grubbard for a game of what might be called a bar version of Cards Against Humanity on steroids, combined with a dash of performance art. It’s called, simply, “The Worst Bar Game,” and it’s created by the folks of Uncalled Four. It’s a game that allows the participants to showcase their stand up skills in the cringiest and most hilarious ways possible. The audience writes the questions for the comedians, who must write the answers. The audience then votes – and wins some prizes for their trouble. The comic with the most points at the close of the game wins.

Sound appealing? The show starts at 8 p.m., and tickets are $10.

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