Tell me why: "Instinct" opens at The Parliament

Everyone has stared at some spattered canvas or logic-defying public sculpture and wondered, “What the hell does that mean, and why the hell did they do that?” Of course, no one can know why the artist made that, maybe the artist doesn’t even know, et cetera and so forth. But really – 10th grade art crit lesson aside – knowing straight from the horse’s mouth what a piece means is an awesome opportunity for insight.

Wouldn’t you know it: The Parliament is giving you just that kind of chance.

Tonight, Sept. 2, from 5-8 p.m., the York-based art organization is hosting an opening reception for their September/October show, “Instinct: Why Did you Make That?” Artists from Philly to Lenox, MA, and beyond have contributed pieces to this exhibit. The show examines that simple three-letter word: why? What drives artists to make what they do? What’s the intent? Why this and not a giant yarn ball? (Or maybe there is a giant yarn ball. We don’t know. You’ll have to check it out and get back to us.)

Refreshments will be served, and local musician Shawn Korkie provides some tunes.

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