#TBT: Return to the halcyon days of 120 Minutes

According to ancient scrolls and hearsay, MTV and VH1 used to play music videos. All the time, apparently! However, those videos reflected the Billboard charts mightily in those days and left barely any room for anything considered “alternative.” In 1986, indie kids across the country finally had a reason to watch MTV when 120 Minutes first premiered. The run of the show lasted roughly until 2013, with a couple starts and stops in the middle.

Now, internet-er @tylerc is in the midst of building the largest archive of the series to date. Featuring Youtube playlists of every episode, along with host information, episode details and other ephemera, this has to be what #tbt was created for. Though the archive has been up for a few years, tylerc continues to update the site as new videos are found and recovered.

To test out the nostalgia factor, I looked up the episode nearest to my birth: March 17, 1992. It appears that Ian McCulloch of Echo & The Bunnymen guested on the show, which lines up with my interests mightily. Alternative jams of the day included The Jesus & Mary Chain’s “Reverence,” Pixies’ “Little Eiffel” and some random song called “Come As You Are” by a band I’ve already forgotten the name of. Relive your bygone youth at 120minutes.tylerc.com and check out more of what 1992 had to offer (besides me) below:




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