Taste the World Lancaster: Awesome Eats

With so many restaurants in downtown Lancaster, offering cuisine from the collective cookbooks of dozens of countries, the average diner’s looking at thousands of dishes to try out. Taste the World Lancaster aims to help.

Once a month, during Second Fridays, Taste the World Lancaster offers tours of the city for lucky ticket-holders. Some of the best restaurants in Lancaster – from Tellus360 to Spyro Gyro to Arabian Knight and beyond – join forces to offer the tastiest food from around the world. Tours start at 4:30 p.m. and end at 8 p.m. Around $16 (with service fee) gets you a ticket. Intrepid food-trippers start at the Hotel Lancaster to retrieve their Taste the World passports and walk their way around Lancaster to the stops indicated on those passports. (No, you don’t have to sit down if you don’t want to – in fact, you’re encouraged to walk and eat.) At each restaurant, you present your passport and receive the dish specially selected for that month’s tour theme. This Friday’s theme is “Meat Dishes,” and there are a whopping nine restaurants participating, from Baron Von Schwein to the Rafiki Shoppe.

Unfortunately, the tickets for this Friday are all sold out – if you’re interested, hit up the Hotel Lancaster at 6:30 sharp. Unclaimed tickets are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis at that point – and Taste the World Lancaster says there are always a few no-shows. (Make especially sure to savor the Pork Wonton at Sakura for us.) And, hey – even if you don’t make this Friday, you can always buy tickets for future tours in advance.

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Ed Hirtzel is the Summer 2016 Fly intern. She’s currently an English Honors student at Millersville University. Her hobbies include scribbling, writing both fiction and nonfiction, and compiling useless information about cryptids.

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