Sweet & Boozy: The 9 best booze-infused desserts in Central PA

Photographer: Image by Steve Kale

We’ve all been there. You’re wrapping up a nice dinner out, and your server asks you that internal conflict-inducing question that you know is inevitably coming – “And will we be having dessert tonight?”

You’ve just cleaned your plate and washed it down with a solid craft brew or three, resulting in some very limited real estate in the ol’ tum-tum. But dammit, that dessert special sounds good

So here’s the deal. Sometimes, you need to make the adult decision on whether you should forgo your childlike desires for dessert and instead save that room for another round at the bar. But sometimes you need to just indulge, especially if that dessert comes with a little alcoholic flare all wrapped up in it like a dreamy, decadently boozy package.

Yes, that’s right – these days, a number of bars and restaurants have mastered the craft of mixing a little sauce into their dessert tray offerings, and to help you find these blissful gems, we’ve search high and low (and tasted!) to identify the region’s top booze-infused desserts.

Click through to see our recommendations for sweets that are sure to hit the spot at the end – or beginning – of your night (including some off-menu gems).

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