Super Bowl Sunday equals 32 snowmobiles worth of wings for Arooga's

Photographer: via Arooga's Facebook page

Central PA restaurant chain tackles big appetites for the Big Game


Super Bowl Sunday is almost upon us. The culmination of the grueling NFL season – where one team will be named champion and claim the Lombardi Trophy and the other will suffer the agony of defeat. Who will rise to the occasion to make the play that turns the tide of the game? Whose defense will hold on a crucial third down? What kind of outfit will Katy Perry be wearing at halftime? More importantly, how many wings can you stuff in your face during the Big Game?

Last week, the National Chicken Council in Washington, DC, (yes, that’s a thing) released its “2015 Wing Report” estimating that Americans will eat 1.25 billion chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday. While that claim was quickly challenged and mathematically refuted, the point remains clear – Americans love football, they love wings and they love them both at the same time.

Here in Central PA, no one knows this more than the cooks at Arooga’s. Last year, the sports bar and restaurant sold seven tons – yes, seven tons – of wings on Super Bowl Sunday across its nine locations. That’s 150,000 wings (or 12,500 orders of a dozen).

Gary Huether Jr., president and co-founder of Arooga’s, expects even more chicken wings to be flying out of Arooga’s kitchens tomorrow.

“We’ll be amping it up this year,” says Huether. “We’re expecting a little more than seven tons of wings; we’re probably gonna hit over eight tons. In one day, that’s a lot of wings”


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To give you an idea of what eight tons of wings actually looks like, it would work out to about the equivalent of 16 blue whale hearts, 32 snowmobiles or 17,064 fully-inflated regulation NFL footballs (or about 25,000 New England Patriots inflated footballs).

And despite the 100 TVs at each Arooga’s location, the real action comes in the form of takeout. According to Huether, Super Bowl Sunday is the largest takeout day of the year for Arooga’s. Just be sure to place your orders as soon as possible. If you wait too long, chances are you’ll be eating your wings closer to the fourth quarter than kickoff.

When asked for a Super Bowl prediction, Huether is leaning toward the Seahawks. “I’m a Colts fan, and with the beatdown we took, I’m going for Seattle.” (Of course he chooses the team whose symbol is a bird.)


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