Sunday A.M. Radio: Dean Ween's 'Exercise Man'

A few months ago, I started doing the unthinkable: jogging. Inspired by Christopher McDougall’s book “Born to Run,” I laced up my New Balance sneakers and hit the road. I huffed and puffed my way through a single grueling mile, and after a few weeks it got easier and I increased my mileage. I changed up my diet, drank less beer and tried to get more sleep. In two minutes, Dean Ween has me rethinking all this.

Check out his latest song “Exercise Man” from his upcoming “The Deaner Album” due out on Oct. 21.

In case you don’t know this by now, Ween is the greatest band of all time. Together, Dean and Gene Ween have penned some of the best songs known to man; classics like “Touch My Tooter,” “Pumpin’ 4 the Man,” “Nicole,” “I Play it off Legit,” “Pollo Asada,” “Happy Colored Marbles,” – all canonical songs in the American songbook.

Separately, the Ween bros have created some amazing solo material. In my opinion, Aaron Freeman’s (Gene Ween) 2014 album “Freeman” features some of his most honest and tender (while still being completely weird) songs. Now, Dean Ween is releasing his first solo album, the appropriately titled “The Deaner Album” on Oct. 21. And he offers up this gem: “Exercise Man,” a song, which in true Ween fashion, lampoons the inherent bullshit in something like dedicating your entire life to the impossible goal of staying in shape forever.

In “Exercise Man,” Deaner delivers this great lyric, while wearing a biking outfit that is way too tight, puffing on a cigarette and shredding on his guitar:

“He’ll die at 57 of a heart attack, but he’ll ride that fucking bike as far as he can. He’s the exercise man.”

Which, reminds me of this great bit from Redd Foxx, which was sampled in Quasimoto’s “Discipline 99.”

Since the latest issue of Fly After 5 is dedicated to outdoor adventures and fitness, here is a song for those of you who only wear workout clothes to relax on the couch and drink beer. Whether you just wrapped up a 10-mile run or are recovering from a hangover with a cold beer for breakfast, have a laugh with Deaner and rock out with “Exercise Man.”

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