Sunday A.M. Radio: With Leaving Records

Leaving Records – the L.A.-based record label specializing in downtempo vibe-y weirdo-space jams –  began in 2009 and is exclusively distributed by one of my favorite labels: Stones Throw. I set out to highlight just one song (“Halycon Movement 2”) from the forthcoming Guy Blakeslee release, but I soon found myself sucked into the glorious sonic vortex that is the Leaving Records Soundcloud page. I managed to escape just before becoming so chill that I would be unable to get up from my desk chair. I brought these gems back with me.

Halycon Movement 2 – Guy Blakeslee

Heavenly atmospheric acoustic guitar work from Guy Blakeslee forthcoming album The Middle Sister due out on January 15.



World Music – Ahnnu

Leland “Ahnnu” Jackson landed on Rolling Stone’s list of the Top 20 Avant albums of 2015 for Perception. But it would be a mistake to overlook his jazzy 2014 release World Music.



Unicorns in Paradise – Laraaji

Things are about to get dangerously chill. Musician, composer, meditation guru and all around general New-Ager Laaraji answers the age old question “Are there unicorns in paradise?” Yes. Yes there are and they are really mellow. These tracks are taken from recently re-released recordings from the late ’70s and early ’80s.



Serchnsummo85 – Mndsgn

It’s Zen and the art of hip-hop with Ringgo Ancheta, who performs and records under the name Mndsgn.


How’s that for a mellow morning. Check out even more at the Leaving Records Soundcloud page. If you have any request for future editions of Sunday A.M. Radio leave them in the comments section or email me at


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