Sunday A.M. Radio: the Super Bowl and the most relaxing song ever made

During last year’s Super Bowl, Jeff Bridges appeared on a commercial for Squarespace, promoting his ambient sleep aid album “The Sleep Tapes.” It worked for me. Bridges’ laid-back avuncular delivery, along with the ambient soundscapes definitely produced a relaxing effect when I listened to it. I felt totally at ease without even having to indulge in The Dude’s favorite method of relaxation. Many studies have shown the benefits of ambient music to relax listeners and help to promote deeper states of sleep.

Some, perhaps more dubious, claims have been made that ambient music layered with subliminal messages and binaural beats can help listeners achieve even greater feats than just a good night’s sleep –  like increases in creativity, confidence, focus, cognitive function, or things like the ability to learn Japanese, overcome an online porn addiction or become an NFL superstar. And putting sublimation messages in music and advertisements is nothing new, you’ll probably be bombarded with them tonight as you watch the Super Bowl.

On the off chance that there was some funny super slow-downed ambient version of the Monday Night Football theme song, I Googled “ambient football” and came across this bit of insanity, which promises to help you develop American football skills through binaural beat brainwave systems. Basically, I think, all you have to do is listen to a few of these tracks, dig out that old LA Rams novelty football helmet from your dad’s garage, lace up your cleats and then you’re ready to suit up for the Philadelphia Eagles. You’ll be in playing in the Super Bowl in no time. I guarantee* it.



Now that you are an All-Pro level football star, you’ll need to relax a bit. If there was a Super Bowl of super-relaxing songs, Marconi Union’s 2011 track “Weightless” would be the winner. Created by the Manchester trio of ambient instrumentalists in collaboration with The British Academy of Sound, “Weightless” is eight minutes of guitar, piano and electronic sound samples. The melody never repeats and the rhythm, at 60 BPM, apparently allows your brainwaves and heartbeats to synchronize with the music. Studies have shown that this song is the most relaxing song ever made. So relaxing that you shouldn’t even drive while you listen to it. The video is just as likely to put in a trance as the music. Director Richie Johnson made the video by flying a drone in specific patterns over a mountain lake and then layered the shots to create a sublime time lapse effect.



Have a safe Super Bowl Sunday, and if you find yourself at Wal-Mart at 1 a.m. with 15 bags of Tostitos in your cart, blame the subliminal messages in the commericals.

*I do not guarantee it.






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