Sunday A.M. Radio: Sleep in with these lullabies

Generally mornings aren’t prime lullaby time, but it’s been a long work week with another one looming and you need to get a few more hours of sleep. Ambient music is there to help. It’s well known that ambient music can help you relax and sleep. (Recently, Moby even gave away four hours of music for just that purpose.)

Children’s music label Rockabye Baby! is releasing a 10th anniversary compilation of pooped-out pop songs ready for nap time. Among them is Daft Punk’s 2013 dance track “Get Lucky” and the LCD Soundsystem classic “All My Friends” (insert sleepy exclamation points).

In case you forget what the summer of 2013 sounded like or you’re a baby, listen to “Get Lucky” here.

Still awake? There’s always this Rockabye Baby! version of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ sordid tale of heroin addiction. Want more drug-laced lullabies? It’s never too early to get your kids into the psychedelic sounds from the crazed acid-fueled minds of the Grateful Dead! Check out Rockabye Baby!’s lullaby versions of the Grateful Dead’s ode to cocaine use “Casey Jones” and “Friend of the Devil” – their classic song about striking a deal with Satan. So many oxymorons going on here.


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