Sunday A.M. Radio: RJD2 takes over the airwaves

A few weeks ago, I got a chance to interview RJD2. (Read it here.) Among other things, I asked him about some of his favorite ambient music. So this week, I’ll let RJD2 take over the Sunday Morning airwaves with some of his favorite ambient and downtempo cuts. Here’s what he had to say:

“Most of what I’m into in that world is like electronic music that was made between – you probably are familiar with all of it – there’s the Eno records. I’ll just go ahead and assume that if you’re into that, you’re familiar with his catalog. There’s Tangerine Dream, which could be considered sometimes ambient and sometimes electronic. I don’t know what you want to call it, but before they got into heavily using sequencers, they were a band-band and some of those recordings are really cool. They have a really interesting texture to them. Go dig up, like, the first five albums. They’re one of my favorite bands. The transformation that they made from basically like a German art-rock band to German sequencer gods and legends – it’s really interesting. So, listen to that and go back to that.”

“And also to some degree Vangelis did a similar thing like, you know, he was making kinda weird, out-there records that were not entirely – they didn’t sound like the “Blade Runner” score – there’s a similar progression there.”

“There is a guy out of Chicago actually my friend Dante [Carfagna], who makes records under the name Express Rising  – I’d check that out. His new record is pretty – there’s a lot of 808 on it – but in terms of its mood and aesthetic it’s very much into an ambient type of thing.”

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