Sunday A.M. Radio: Mark Farina's Mushroom Jazz

Last month DJ Mark Farina released the eighth volume of his excellent mixtape series Mushroom Jazz. Farina fuses hip-hop, psychedelic soul, house, EDM, loungey jazz and funk to create a downtempo collection of laid back beats perfect for a late night Saturday hang out or even a chill Sunday morning. Farina is making a trip to Philadelphia’s Underground Arts on Aug. 27. Buy your ticket and take the ride here.

This morning let’s listen to a collection of music spanning Farina’s epic eight Mushroom Jazz albums.

Mushroom Jazz 8 intro

Real Fungi – Colossus (Mushroom Jazz 8)

Autumn’s Evening Breeze – The Sound Providers feat. Chali 2na (Mushroom Jazz 5)

Suite for Beaver Pt. 1 – People Under the Stairs (Mushroom Jazz 4)

Jamal 141 – Jamal (Mushroom Jazz 6)

Modern Women’s Short Stories – Johnny Alpha (Mushroom Jazz 5)

In Hale – Hydroponic Groove Session (Mushroom Jazz 1)

Piano Grand – Tony D (Mushroom Jazz 2)

De La Bass – Raw Instinct (Mushroom Jazz 3)

Living For the Rush – Slakah the Beatchild (Mushroom Jazz 7)

Blue (Extended) – The Deli (Mushroom Jazz 8)

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