Sunday A.M. Radio: Kraftwerk

If you haven’t heard that Kraftwerk is playing the Electric Factory in Philadelphia next Friday, then I guess you’re not going to the show. The show might be sold out, but that doesn’t mean we can’t listen to them this morning.

Kraftwerk are the fathers of electronic dance music. Their 1974 album Autobahn took the band from their experimental krautrock roots into a new space as electronic explorers. Later the group turned from cars to bicycles with the 2003 release Tour de France Soundtracks. Not all of Kraftwerk’s songs are about vehicles, but their music is about motion. The driving rhythms of “Autobahn” – Kraftwerk’s most iconic song – can stand in for the band’s entire aesthetic. They make music about change and motion. Movement of people through physical space and the transformation of human race and culture through time and technology.

So if you aren’t going to the show in Philly, here’s a taste of what it might be like:

Kraftwerk performs “Aerodynamik” from Tour De France Soundtracks.

Maybe you’d like to talk a nice walk this morning? Kraftwerk can do that too. Check out there song “Morgenspaziergang,” which translates to “morning walk.” This song is a little less “techno-y” and a little more “flute-y.”

In the mood for more Kraftwerk? Check out this video for their 1986 song “The Telephone Call.” This video kind of reminds me of one of my favorite short films – Christian Marclay’s Telephones.

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