Sunday A.M. Radio: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

When Brian Eno said that ambient music should be as “ignorable as it is interesting,” he acknowledged the fact that the music, like life, is made up of many moments all simultaneously occurring within the same instant.

Life, like lots of ambient music, has beautiful moments beside dark moments. Intense moments of joy beside long stretches where nothing really happens.You may be fully engaged in listening to the music, but you’re also breathing, thinking and feeling – or you may not really be paying attention to the music because you are reading an article about global warming while waiting in the lobby of the dentist’s office, or talking to your friend while in line at the baggage claim at the airport. (Maybe this is why many people enjoy listening to ambient music to help them focus while they work. It’s just there existing around you, whether you are actively listening or not.)

It’s a very simple idea, but life is happening for everyone all at once everywhere. It’s something I’ve thought a lot about recently while interacting at the Lancaster Sound Map project. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s song “Existence in the Unfurling” – from her latest album “EARS” -seems to suggest a similar idea about living life in the middle an ever-changing and evolving world.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith composes her beautiful and innovative brand of electronic music on a Buchla synthesizer. “EARS” features hypnotic, otherworldly grooves, at times sounding like recordings from a forest and at other times, her vocals, filtered to sound like a machine, sound like futuristic outtakes from Laurie Anderson’s 1984 album “Mister Heartbreak.”

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Mike Andrelczyk is a features editor for Fly Magazine. He is a graduate of Penn State University and currently lives with his wife Stacey in Strasburg. Interests include tennis, playing bad guitar, poetry (poems have appeared in Modern Haiku, The Inquisitive Eater and other journals) and oneirology – the study of dreams – mostly in the form of afternoon naps. His name appears in the title screen of Major League 2.

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