Sunday A.M. Radio: Huerco S.

I came across Huerco S. on Twitter (@huerco_s). I think maybe he was tagged in one of Four Tet’s posts. A recommendation from Four Tet was pretty much all I needed to check out Huerco S. That’s usually how I discover new artists, whether they’re musicians, writers or filmmakers – one artist I like mentions another artist and that sends me down a path of discovery. Reading an article about “Star Wars” sent me to checking out the work of Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa; Charles Bukowski mentioning John Fante led me to his work, and then his son Dan Fante’s writing and so on. Pretty much all my favorite jazz albums started by reading the liner notes on Miles Davis’ 1970 album “Bitches Brew.” A similar path led me to the experimental ambient music of Huerco S. Huerco S., whose real name is Brian Leeds, makes a sort of psychedelic pastiche – a synthesis of swirling sounds based on gritty samples, electronic ambient music and house beats. I’ve always liked artists who draw from outsider sources. Huerco S. reminds me of Madlib in that way. Huerco S.’s 2013 album “Colonial Patterns” drew heavily from Native American culture in terms of inspiration – and actually building the tracks – adding layers and layers of dirty sounds the way certain Native American tribes would build their homes. Check out “Plucked From the Ground, Towards the Sun” from “Colonial Patterns” and if you like that, keep the listening session going with this nearly hour-long DJ set from 2014.

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