Sunday A.M. Radio: Hangover Music

Ugh. My sister-in-law’s wedding was last night and it was really fun. I think. From what I remember it was really fun. But now my brain feels like it’s been replaced with a giant gin-soaked cotton ball. This morning I’m skipping the coffee. Coffee isn’t going to cure this hangover. And I don’t have the energy or the tomato juice to make a Bloody Mary. But, luckily I found a can of beer buried in the back of the fridge behind a cantaloupe.

Hangovers make everything absurd. And Ween is the only thing that will make sense to me right now.

Ween has been one of my favorite bands since high school when I heard Phish cover “Roses are Free” (here’s the Phish cover) and then listened to “Freedom of ’76” and “Japanese Cowboy” – three great songs that couldn’t be any more different. That’s what I’ve always loved about Ween. Some people dismiss Ween as a joke band, but those people don’t know what they’re talking about and shouldn’t be trusted. Ween has definitely written some funny songs, but they’ve also written some beautifully honest love songs along with some serious psychedelic music. And even though Ween is now defunct (R.I.P. Ween), they will always be one of my favorite bands. I even got to interview Aaron Freeman (aka Gene Ween) a few months ago and it was awesome.

Right now this beer and Ween are my only friends. Here’s “Nicole” by Ween from their 1990 debut album God Ween Satan. In this condition I don’t dare play the rest of this album. Most of the other tracks find the teenage Gene and Dean Ween screaming mushroom-induced madness over buzzsaw punk rock guitars. But not you Nicole. You are nine-minutes of hazy white-boy reggae (that in typical Ween fashion moves from sweet to deranged). I need you Nicole. Help me.

I’m pressing play and taking my hangover and my beer and collapsing on the living room floor. Pray for me dudes.

In the mood for more Ween? Know any good hangover cures?


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Mike Andrelczyk is a features editor for Fly Magazine. He is a graduate of Penn State University and currently lives with his wife Stacey in Strasburg. Interests include tennis, playing bad guitar, poetry (poems have appeared in Modern Haiku, The Inquisitive Eater and other journals) and oneirology – the study of dreams – mostly in the form of afternoon naps. His name appears in the title screen of Major League 2.

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