Sunday A.M. Radio: Friendlier Bear

In our January 2015 issue we profiled Philip Payne – known as Friendlier Bear – as he released his debut EP Arise, Jack Russell. Everyone in the Fly offices loved it. (Not familiar with Friendlier Bear? You should be. Read the profile here.) Harrisburg’s ambient rock musician creates some truly beautiful post-rock electronic-influenced soundscapes.

Now less than a year after we wrote about his debut EP, Friendlier Bear proves he hasn’t been hibernating. He’s been busy creating a follow-up EP – Beauteous Lovejoy – a richly textured, elegant amalgamation of electronica, orchestral and choral music, ambient, hip-hop and indie rock adding up to a collection of soaring and emotional atmospheric melodies.

We’re fans, in case you can’t tell.

This week we’re flying the Friendlier (Bear) skies. For anyone who says that electronic music can’t have soul, this one is for you. Pour yourself some coffee and spend the next 20 minutes in the warm glow of Friendlier Bear’s Beauteous Lovejoy – and then maybe download the album and support a great local artist.

How great was that? I particularly loved the title track and the excellent “Night Eye.” What were your favorites?

Central PA has many great electronic and ambient artists. Who do we need to feature in upcoming editions of Sunday A.M. Radio? Any requests? Email me at


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Mike Andrelczyk is a features editor for Fly Magazine. He is a graduate of Penn State University and currently lives with his wife Stacey in Strasburg. Interests include tennis, playing bad guitar, poetry (poems have appeared in Modern Haiku, The Inquisitive Eater and other journals) and oneirology – the study of dreams – mostly in the form of afternoon naps. His name appears in the title screen of Major League 2.

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