Sunday A.M. Radio: dropping some Knxwledge

If you don’t know the L.A.-via-New Jersey- based hip-hop beat maker Knxwledge (pronounced “knowledge”), get ready to be schooled. If you’re even a casual hip-hop fan, you’ve probably already heard Knxwledge’s music, even if you didn’t realize it. One of his tracks was the basis for the song “Momma” on Kendrick Lamar’s blockbuster album To Pimp a Butterfly. It was Knxledge’s first track placement on a major album and it came on one of the most highly anticipated rap releases of the past few years.

You can go over and check out Knwledge’s music on his Bandcamp page. I recommend you do. Just make sure to clear your schedule for about three weeks. The prolific producer has 69 EPs and albums on the site.

Knxwledge’s inimitable style combines samples from just about everything  – from cartoons to gospel music with a healthy dose of hip-hop and neo-soul – all mixed with gloriously spaced-out lo-fi production. Samples weave in and out of his music. An ad-lib from Jay Z or Nas pops up in the middle of music that sounds as if it was recorded in an underwater studio.

Listen to “Thnkn'” from HexualSealingsEP1.5. released on on October 26 of 2011 – almost exactly four years ago today. “Thnkn” contains a syrupy slowed-down sample of Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin’ Bout You.” Shout out to one of my childhood crushes – Denise Huxtable. Check it out.

Knxwledge’s first major label LP – Hud Dreems – was released on Stones Throw records earlier this year. If you’re looking for some soulful laid-back hip-hop beats to kick it to this Sunday morning, look no further. Check out Knxwledge’s nearly 37-minute debut LP Hud Dreems.

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