Sunday A.M. Radio: Deantoni Parks and Jerry Garcia

Drummer Deantoni Parks is a monster. He can do more with one drumstick and a sampler than most bands can do with all their instruments. Parks has worked with The Mars Volta, John Cale, Sade, Flying Lotus and many other legends of music, but his most interesting work may be his solo album “Technoself” (released on Leaving Records). On “Technoself”, Parks explores dark trap music beats while triggering rapid-fire psychedelic samples. It’s one thing to explain it, but it’s another to actually see it.

As a musician truly dedicated to exploration, it’s no surprise that Parks is a fan of a number of genres, including jam bands. He even goes hard on Phish’s classic psychedelic swing number “Stash,” taking it places the jam band never would on his track “Pebble.”

But Phish isn’t the only hippie icons that Parks has remixed. This week many people take time to celebrate the life and music of Jerry Garcia (Aug. 1, 1942- Aug. 9, 1995) and Deantoni Parks is no exception. Earlier this week he tweeted out a link to his 2011 Dark Angels (a duo comprised of Parks and Nicci Kasper) Grateful Dead remix EP “Dead in the Dark.” Listen to it and download it for free.


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